Original and branded comedy series for film, tv, and web.


STORYLINES is an original storytelling series featuring a mix of live action performances and brightly- crafted, hand-drawn animation.

Season One features an array of talented storytellers and comedians sharing personal stories about travel and adventure. The stories are 4-5 minutes each and are both comedic and heartfelt.

Storylines is a super fun show that features true stories of adventure, romance, comedy, and mayhem that span the globe. Entertaining and so much cheaper than a plane ticket (that you can’t use right now, anyway)!”


– Michael Ian Black (“Wet Hot American Summer”, “Stella”)


HOME/OFFICE is a workplace comedy for the self-employed. An 8-episode series about being a freelance designer and working from home, the show was supported by DreamHost, Backblaze, and the Noun Project.

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Featured press

How to Storyboard

HOW TO STORYBOARD was produced for a “Skills” series by Creative Mornings. In filmmaking, storyboarding is useful to plan shots, make your shoot go more smoothly, and communicate ideas to the rest of the creative team. Learn the basics with this handy dandy guide!

TikTok Film lessons

We produced this series of quick, 60-second TikTok filmmaking lessons explaining core concepts like shot lists, depth of field, diegetic sound, and aspect ratio.

Branded Web Series

After Hours: A Series of Ghostly Interviews

AFTER HOURS was a series of social media spots created in collaboration with animation studio The Little Labs. We developed the characters, wrote the script, and directed the voice over performances. The episodes were created on a tight deadline for a spooky Halloween launch.