Kiran Deol is a comedian, actor, writer, and director you should know.

In addition to touring nationally, Kiran is a vital part of LA’s comedy scene. She performs regularly around town and hosts a weekly standup show called Peacock where she showcases her smart, imaginative sensibility — painting hilariously visual scenarios that she maximizes for comedic impact.

Kiran is a regular co-host on Crooked Media’s Hysteria podcast. The show features a “bicoastal squad of opinionated, mouthy women to discuss news, politics, and cultural stories that affect women’s lives, from serious to absurd.”

Kiran also has serious filmmaking chops. She has created films for HBO and Sundance, been nominated for an Emmy, and shortlisted for an Academy Award. What other comedian can say that?

Kiran is currently starring alongside Kal Penn on the brand new NBC comedy Sunnyside. The show was co-created by the folks behind hit sitcoms like The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, and Parks and Rec.

Set in Queens, Sunnyside follows a disgraced politician (Penn) who, after being kicked out of office, moves in with his sister (Deol) and seeks redemption by helping a diverse group of immigrants find a path to citizenship.

More Good Work from Kiran:

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