Jacqueline Novak is a comedian and writer you should know.

Jacqueline is currently starring off-Broadway in Get On Your Knees — her one-woman play described as “the most high-brow show about blowjobs you’ll ever see.” It’s been a massive hit earning an extended run and rave reviews from critics and fellow comedians alike.

If you’re feeling down, you can also pick up her 2016 book — How to Weep in Public: Feeble Offerings on Depression from Someone Who Knows. It’s a dark, funny memoir that talks about depression in a way that doesn’t attempt to offer solutions, “only comfort, company, and tips inside the grey fog…” She also made an interview web series talking about mental health.

Jacqueline has her own half-hour special on Comedy Central. In 2014, she released her comedy album Quality Notions which showcases her smart and nuanced takes on everyday experiences. Check out this cleverly artsy album trailer.

John Mulaney raves: “Jacqueline Novak can be best described by a word that does not exist yet which means hilarious, totally original yet seemingly familiar yet totally disruptive yet absolutely comfortable and also so funny that you don’t realize until later that you’re forever changed.”

More Good Work from Jacqueline:

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