Jaboukie Young-White is a comedian, writer, and performer you should know.

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In late 2017, Jaboukie came out as queer during his first stand-up performance on The Tonight Show. In his second appearance in 2018, he shared his parents’ reaction to his news.

Jaboukie started performing in clubs around Chicago and New York at 19. Now 25, he has very quickly become the face of the next generation of stand-ups. GQ writes: “His pathbreaking comedy, informed by his identity as a queer person of color, uses jokes to find what he calls ‘freedom’ and ‘lightness’ in the heaviest parts of the zeitgeist.”

You may have seen Jaboukie on the Daily Show as their millennial correspondent or as his title card once read, an “actual young person.” He’s interviewed Bernie Sanders on why young Americans are embracing socialism and offered tips for Donald Trump to improve his Twitter account.

Jaboukie played a fictionalized version of himself on HBO’s Crashing and has had roles in films like Rough Night, Set It Up, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. He’s also been on the writing staff for Netflix series Big Mouth and American Vandal.

According to Deadline, he is currently set to star in a new film written by Bo Burnham (Eighth Grade) alongside Danielle MacDonald (Dumplin’). We can’t wait to see what they do together.

And don’t miss his brand new 2019 Comedy Central half-hour which starts with a tongue-in-cheek “Feminism for Men” seminar.

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