Newsletter | 11 March 2019
The Good Worker Guide to Being Your Bestest Self

The Secret Formula for Amazing Focus.

So here you are again.

You have a big project due at the end of the workday and you’ve only got a few hours left. Better settle down at your desk and hop to it!

Oh, ok, sure…. you’ll just check your email real quick, read a few soul-crushing news articles, and maybe watch that famous YouTube cat play the marimba. Such talent!

Eep! Look at the time!

Don’t worry — Here are 3 easy steps you can take to supercharge your focus:

1. Don’t do other things than the thing you need to do.

Studies show that doing other things is the main reason you aren’t focusing on the main thing you need to do. Whether you’re checking in on the hot goss about your fave insta-celebs or looking out the window at some cute squirrels, stop it.

2. Do the thing that you need to do.

Congratulations! You’re not doing anything other than the main thing you need to do. Your attention has been liberated! This sensation may be a bit jarring at first as you remember that time and work and society are all constructs that we’ve collectively created to distract ourselves from the looming existential void that engulfs us all… But just move past that! Then use that newly discovered freedom to do the thing you need to do

3. Stop doing that thing where you read articles about how to focus.

Are you still reading this article about improving your focus instead of focusing!? Gah! Didn’t you read step 1?

Unless your goal is specifically to read more articles about focusing, this is likely something other than the thing you need to do. Stop reading all productivity articles immediately and instead return directly to step 2.

Way to go! You did the thing.

I’m proud of you. And remember: this 3-step trick applies to any and all tasks you will ever need to focus on.

For future reference, feel free to print this list out and stick it up on your wall. But don’t look at it when you’re trying to work!

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