Newsletter | 28 January 2019
The Good Worker Guide to Being Your Bestest Self

Last-minute weekend work? How to get things done during your time off.

Working for/on the weekend.

It’s 4:45pm on Friday afternoon and you’re all packed up for a weekend full of rest and relaxation. Woohoo!

Perhaps you’ll finally find time to design and mail those New Year’s cards — if they go out in January, it still counts! Or… maybe you’ll just sit around in your PJ pants watching that new streaming show and eating an entire tub of processed cheese spread. So many productive options!

DING! Oh, an electronic message from your client? Looks like they want you to make a few tweaks to the big project you’ve been working on — BY MONDAY!

grumble grumble.

I guess you’ll have to bite the bullet and carve out a little time for business matters over the weekend. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy yourself!

Here are a few quick strategies for making weekend work workable:

1. Don’t go home

Drop your rucksack, call up your friends, and tell them that you’ll be staying late at the office to finish some work. Sure, you’ll miss the popular music concert you bought tickets for months ago, but the rest of the weekend will be free and clear! Well, unless your client has Saturday morning notes, that is. Grrr.

2. Multi-tasking FTW

This is the digital age, dammit — there’s no reason that you can’t get work done AND be a happy human. Simply keep your laptop and phone close by and seize opportunities to work whenever they arise: on commercial breaks, while phoning your parents, or when your Tindr date is in the bathroom. Look at you go!

3. Sunday night marathon

Give yourself all the brunches, happy hours, and post-coital reality-show binge-watches your heart desires. You’ll just need to dig in around 11:30pm on Sunday night and work your butt off until daybreak. Sure, you’ll be a zombie Monday morning, but that’s why caffeine-addictions were invented!

Whatever course of action you take, I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park and make this weekend one for the record books!

Happy trails, you weekend-warrior you!

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