Newsletter | 18 March 2019
The Good Worker Guide to Being Your Bestest Self

How to disconnect on vacation.

Packing up for a vacation, huh?

Good for you! It’s about time you took a break from the fast-paced pressures of modern life. Pretty soon the bags under your eyes won’t fit in the overhead compartment.

Got your camera, your sunnies, your vacation shorts. Oh, you’re packing your laptop too? And those papers you’ve been meaning to look over? Maybe you can get a few quick emails out on the plane? Hmm.

If you really want to relax and reset, you need to go cold-turkey and completely disconnect from the rest of the world. Remember: this is your YOU time!

Here are 3 quick tips on how to keep your time off offline:

1. Choose a destination with poor cell coverage

If you have your choice of vacation spots, try choosing one where your phone has terrible internet service. You’ll be free to look around as you walk, try restaurants without reading reviews first, and navigate around using maps printed in a book. It’s like traveling back in time!

2. Setup an email away message

Because any brief lapse in communication will make others assume that you’ve suffered a terrible calamity, do the considerate thing and set up an email away message. Simply tell correspondents that you’re off globe-trotting and will return to your digital responsibilities soon enough, so hold your horses, dammit!

3. Don’t work while on your vacation

I know, I know. You have deadlines! Whether you send a newsletter out every Monday morning at 6:15 am PST or have to post social media updates for work, that’s what scheduling in advance is for! Stay up all night getting your standing projects done before you go on your trip, and rest easy knowing that the veneer of your workaholism is still intact.

And that’s it! You’re ready to go out and enjoy life as your fullest self. And don’t worry – all this complicated craziness will be right here when you get back.

Each week, we share funny tips for being your very bestest self in this mixed-up modern world of ours. Hot dog!

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